The Guideless Path

Through Fairer Eyes

Moonday the third of the month of Reaping

The day was spent much the same as the previous week on the ship. I filled time where I could with meditation, martial arts and trying to keep to myself. The crew are becoming more rowdy with each passing hour as the ship draws closer to port. They lack discipline and the chance to spend a months earnings as the ships will be docked for several days is driving them into a frenzy. By late afternoon I grew tired of one of the boatmens jibes and advances. The situation would have escalated if not for the first mate chancing upon the encounter. Whilst on the subject of unwelcome company the creepy effeminate man who always manages to somehow find me will simply not leave me alone. Although he is no where as uncouth as the crew I can see the intention in his eyes and I feel nothing but disdain for him. The ship docked later that evening, a few hours past supper. Ever grateful to be rid of the smells, the crew, the stale food and the creepy little man who’s name I still haven’t learnt, I quickly gathered my rucksack and departed much faster than the rest of travelers who were busy gathering luggage. I was informed by a traveling merchant that the Battered Wife would still be serving meals at the late hour of the evening. It was a short walk from the dock and upon opening the massive oak doors all my senses were assaulted. It was a dank, dimly lit tavern with all manner of local riff raff. The place reeked of spilt ale and blood, and both stained the floor equally. Most people were loud an obnoxious, each trying to outshine the lasts fading words by talking even louder. Just a quick meal I thought and then off to find somewhere to bed down for the evening…



Nice writing, like the way we are all putting something in and everyone has their angle… XP will be handed out at the start of the next session and for writing like this other bonuses will be forthcoming. they will come forth because you guys already took the first three places get it….?

The creepy nameless one may be seen again…

Through Fairer Eyes

…how wrong I was. It was shortly after I was finished eating that everything spun out of control. It began with the Half-Orc whose who when asked his name only states “I no barbarian, I rogue” so I rogue will have to be the reference for him. When I Rogue entered the battered wife the entire tavern stopped just for a second then returned to their ales, meals and conversations. He was a brute, even for his kind. Arms like tree trunks and legs akin to…even bigger tree trunks I suppose. He scanned the room instantly looking for someone or something. I continued to watch home because I could feel the tension in the room tighten upon his presence. It became worse when I Rogue began what I assume where his interrogations. He began circling the room asking questions and inspecting patrons hands to receive some very strange looks but I dare say due to his size and I presume reputation people co-operated. Now this is where it becomes hazy for myself due to the blow to the head I imagine. I’m not sure what order the occurred but I remember a the drunk halfling and then shortly after I Rogue challenging two men to an arm wrestle? That’s when chaos ensued. Now seeing that I Rogue was clearly vilified I could not allow it to happen so I leapt to his defense. I launched myself at the closest assailant, springing the last three feet and setting up a massive blow to the back of his neck with my fist. This was my mistake. A soon as I leapt I could hear Sister Sal’s guiding voice in my head, another lesson. “you have moved to rashly. You have not checked your flanks and left yourself open to a counter attack. You have given up secure footing when not necessary since you still had the element of surprise”. This was my undoing. Battle can turn at any moment the scriptures say and it did for me. The attacker moved the last moment due to Baba, who also lept to I Rogues defense. The attacker was forced back which meant rather than punch him I landed on him and more importantly I landed heavily on my ankle. I tried to fight but I was hardly able to maintain balance so it was a poor attempt. That’s when the fisherman attacked me from behind, drawing steel no less the scum. It appears they were less than happy about the confrontations on the ship and wished to show me. The first blow sliced my upper arm and too be honest, it scarred me. I quickly spun and in my fear and anger I lashed out uncoordinatedly throwing punches to little effect. Why the boatmen would bring boat hooks to a tavern is beyond me but after enduring a few more cuts one of them swung the wide and then handle caught me in the head and that’s when I blacked out. I woke up again in the tavern but blacked out again drifting in and out of consciousness. I hardly remember making my way to this temple. I must rest now.


Through Fairer Eyes

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