The Guideless Path

Session at Montmorency

In which demon bunny is revealed to have a fish mouth. Damn monies, how do they know?

DM: Kel Roll Call: Jake; Ant; Big Micky.

Note: These are the notes of I,Rogue and as thus may be quite suspect in terms of validity.

  • I,Rogue & Isla Camped. I,Rogue feeds her a roofie. Accidentally takes one himself as well.
  • Dead Baba took I,Rogue on dream state journey through all places they had been in their time together.
  • Back to bar.
  • Glissade drugged and raped Tyronnicus’, Baba’s friend.
  • Investigate.
  • Find Old Dude jerking off.
  • Yells at Dead Baba.
  • Dead Baba & Crazy Old dude fight.
  • Dreams.
  • Baba i. Tyronicus ii. Glissade.
  • Fighting Old Dude.
  • Spirit of Well has our spirits.
  • Old dude, Jammo, involved somehow.
  • In Well, bottom. Rabbit comes, enlarges, becomes Demon Bunny, breathes gas.
  • Glissade poisoned.
  • Tyronnicus, Dead Baba, I,Rogue attack. All miss.
  • Write script onto objects to be able to use them in spirit world.
  • Glissade okay.
  • Dead Baba poisoned by Demon Bunny gas.
  • Demon Bunny attacks Dead Baba.
  • Glissade stabs at Demon Bunny.
  • I, Rogue misses.
  • Dead Baba acid splashes. Really seemed to hurt him.
    *I,Rogue posioned.
    *Glissade missed.
  • Dead Baba cast ghost sound “spirit of fox” scares Demon Bunny.
  • Demon Bunny image disappears, leaves a 2 foot demon.
    *I,Rogue didgeriedoo’s him.
  • Tyron moves behind him, swings mace, double 1.
  • Hits I,Rogue – Instant Death (mother fucker)
  • I,Rogue’s body is at bottom of well, dying. 8 rounds begins NOW. Spirit returned to body.
  • Monster disappeared.
  • Dead Baba sense motive. HE’s still there!
  • Monster casts spell:fear.
  • Dead Baba hits Tyroniccus.
  • I,Rogue OK.
  • Fishmouth bit monster.
  • Monster tries to run.
  • Free shots; G miss, B miss, T hit, FM miss.
    *I,Rogue stabilised himself.
  • Throws rocks.
    *Glissade throws banister, hits fleeing invisible monster rabbit.
  • Dead Baba chases him down.
  • Tyronnicus saw him right in front, swings mace. 20!
  • Kills Rabbit Monster/Well Spirit.
  • Dead Baba disipates.


Through tears of friendship, I,Rogue promises to look after Baba’s donkey and echidna. He promises never to play gridiron with the echidna, and never to take the donkey to see Peter Pan ever again.



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