The Guideless Path

Session at Eden Park

End of the Druid's adventure

DM: Kel
Roll Call: Jake, Ant, Big Micky T.

From the journals of I,Rogue the Half-Orc who thinks he’s a rogue but is actually just a Barbarian.

- We run across Belios, a noble elven fighter who likes cheese.
- We tie Glissade to a tree naked and promise we’ll return. She gets a little too excited.
- Approach Temple.
- See freaky dude in tree.
- We hide in trees, some better then others.
- Tyroniccus talks to a bird, we learn druid numbers in temple.
- Belios throws cheese block to lure them out
- It doesn’t work.
- Hatch plan to tie Belios to side of donkey then push donkey into druids camp. Caught unawares by trojan donkey. We then attack.
- Decide instead to just get donkey to go in by itself, and see if Druids kill it.
- Donkey won’t go.
- Throw carrot.
- Instead of running into temple and fighting magic dudes, we set up campfire and lure them into our cunning trap.
- Old Magic Dude comes down. He can’t talk but has potion which says “drink me, talk me.”
- After much internal debate, Tyronnicus drinks the potion.
- Learns Druids have a female prisoner.
- We head into temple with invitation.
- Woman tied to tree. She is very panicked and under duress. Nothing like Glissade.
- Talk Druids into letting woman go.
- Halfling Sister was one of the dead.


Head back to town. Woman Prisoner is a nudist. Belios, being noble, offers to put her up in his hotel room.

I,Rogue takes echidna, baba’s dead body (which had been strapped to donkey all this time) and donkey to I,Rogue secret garden.

Isla heads to surrounding villages to inform dead cultists’ families of their loved ones fate. Ie. death.

In mean time, Belios & Tyronnicus head to pub.

I,Rogue returns and goes to see Bigaboobies and sells fist-size jade, dwarven war-axes and assorted items.

Bellios has a girlfriend in that cultist is naked, and he’s not one to let a naked chick out of his sight.

Bellios barted successfully for a boat space on boats.

I forget why we were bartering for boats but I think we had to go somewhere in one.

Camp for the night on river. I,Rogue (voxer evidence implicates him) offers boat crew 1 gold piece each for them to sleep on bank instead of party.

Party nice and safe in boat.

Big fuck-off Snake crawls from bank into water and into boats.

I,Rogue falls out of boat.

Tyronnicus aims crossbow to shoot snake. (1)

Tyronnicus misses and rolls another (1), falls out of boat.

Tyronnicus falls out of boat and rolls another (1), hits head on boats and knocks self out.

Tyronnicus knocked out in water wearing scale mail armour.

Tyronnicus sinks.

I,Rogue washed downstream barely able to swim.

Belios and Cultist Girl try to rescue Tyronnicus with fishing nets.

Snake eats Tyronnicus for dinner.

Snake swims away with his leg sticking out of its maw.

I,Rogue is on bank, Belios is on boat, Cultist Girl is on boat and what is that sound? Is that the sound of a horse? Could it be Isla Fairhaven to the rescue? Where the fuck was she five minutes ago when our cleric got eaten?



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