The Guideless Path

Life on top of the land

Life above earth is tougher but more exciting than below earth. It is but my first week away from the dullness of my home but already I am adventuring with a novel bunch of miscreants. At the Batterred Wife I was casually Bunioning when all hell broke loose. Shouts from Trappers, Boaters, flying Monks and a wild eyed half Orc screaming about his Plumcots.

My Bunions were screaming for attention but the fun of the battle was screaming even louder so I thought I would give that loveable Orc a bit of a hand and kick one of his opponents square in the Plumcots, he then thought he would give me a gauntleted hand and proceeded to knock the Bunions of my foot and in the process knocked off my foot. I appreciated the de-Bunioning but he needn’t have smashed my foot to smithereens in the process.

Let Bunions be bygones and let Plumcot obsessed Orc’s follow me as a bodyguard in this great adventure. The Journey has been fun, it has been reassuring and comforting to speak with one of my long eared Bretheren on the Journey. It will be interesting learning about the Monk as she appears mysterious with many secrets but and the need to save the world – she may find it best to save her own skin if we come across more of those sinister Trogladytes. Baba


Nice writing by you too Jakey, like the way we are all putting something in and everyone has their angleā€¦ XP will be handed out at the start of the next session and for writing like this other bonuses will be forthcame. that’s future perfect tense i think.

What are Donkey’s and echidna’s names and where is echidna???

Life on top of the land

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