The Guideless Path

A gnome, a half-orc and a human walk out of a bar...

Three disparate travellers. Two paths to travel. One destiny.

A half-orc barbarian walks into a bar, gets into a fight, and accidentally brutilises the gnome wizard who stepped in to help him. Overcome by guilt, he will follow the gnome to the gates of hell to make amends. A human monk who has come to find a stray soul, any soul, to save from the edge of damnation is so impressed by the half-orc’s remorse that she thinks she has found the perfect subject (and an easy mark). The gnome? The gnome just wants some alone time with his donkey and his all-too-familiar echidna.


What did I Rogue think, anything special apart from that sweet little gnomey?


Next time I see him, I will ask. Halforcs can only read and write if they take it as an extra skill.


hahahahahahahahaaha. that spells funny


Haha this is too good. Great work everyone


Would a familiar echidna special ability be more suited to an AC bonus raged then search? As rolling into a ball with spines protruding is really what they
Are famous for.


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