The Guideless Path

Brookfield Session

It only takes one bad roll to ruin a relationship

Dm: Kel
Roll Call: ant, spike, mike
*Players: I,Rogue; Isla, bellos,

Advanced NPC: Beyatch.
*Mission: Return Beyatch to her parents. Um…village.

  • IR gets juniper berries.
  • Campfire.
  • Isla on watch. Identifies people. Magic Goat People. Playing Petshop boys.
  • “No fires.”
  • I,Rogue and Beyatch are enamoured by the music.

Kel: I hate acting out shag scenes.

Ant: then why do you write them?

  • Beyatch is double-teamed by satyrs. In 2 and a half minutes, she screams 57 times. So does Bellos. His heart is broken. Actually, he was fine with it. “Now we know why she’s called Beyatch Whistler”
  • Satyrs reveal multiple dangers in forest: trolls, nymphs, river monitor & Aragneia.
  • Aragneia sounds like a spider name.
  • Isla decides that after watching a double team, they’ll have a double watch.
  • I,Rogue and Bellos pull double-watch. (Rolls: 2 and 20 respectively)
  • bellos and Beyatch have some tension now. Beyatch relegated to NPC status.
  • It’s a cold night with no fire, and the Mötley Crüe do not sleep well.
  • Beyatch leads Crüe to her village. She’s not confident. Is she lost. Isla curses at her. Doesn’t believe she knows where she’s leading them.
  • Isla calls her bluff with sense motive check.
  • Beyatch is still enamoured and is in fact leading Crüe to River Monitor.
  • Isla believes ill intent. I,Rogue believes she’s just enamoured and means no ill.
  • moving on, Bellos sees birds flying in front of Crüe. Then stopping. Then flying. Makes connection to Druids of previous adventures.
  • birds lead him to a deceased bug bear knight body, where he discovers loot.

Bellos to Beyatch: “you going to fuck that stiff too.”
He thinks he’s been stiffed in this relationship. One bad roll can ruin a toss salad.

  • find steep gully leads to waterfall.
  • IR says no to Bellos searching. This time he wants the loot. Gives waterfall a visual only “no treasure here.” Then Bellos rolls a 19 and discovers….

…over the rushing sound of the waterfall…

… a muffled groan away from the river. Away from wterfall noise.

  • Bellos’ tinnitus kicks in. He uses it like a sonar sense to triangulate the position of the sound.
  • THiNG in tree suckers him up.
  • big spider.
  • Isla climbs tree.
  • Bellos swings. Hit x2.
  • IR lassoes Bellos legs and pulls against tree.
  • Bellos beat it off.
  • IR goes to moanee.
  • Reveals Cocoon People in other tree.
  • Cuts cocoon people free.

*IR is spider splooged and dragged further into tree. He punches spider in eye.

*Punches in throat. Spiders have no throat, and therefore he misses.

*Bellos and Isla climb tree, discover cocoons too.

  • Bellos kills spider. The spider falls on party. Knocks IR anD Isla out of tree.
  • Isla DOUBLE 1. Okay. Foot sticks in spider carapas on way down.
  • IR damaged. -1.
  • Isla stablilised IR. -3. Bellos and Isla get treasure.
  • Free cocoon people. Orc and Dwarf in cocoon.
  • Sworn enemies. Both are lying about who captured who, playing the blame game.
  • Facts are that at Beaverdam there was an Orc Attack.
  • Isla says Orcs aren’t cunning enough to hunt and trap. Isla tough negotiating.
  • Tie Orc to tree, rope around throat.
  • Players pause to watch “Monkey Frog” on You Tube
  • If I was that Orc, I’d be very scared now.
  • Let Dwarf free. Marshall Ahkbed.
  • Rescue brother of dwarf: trapped underwater. New mission.

*IR has to rest over night to get to 1 HP.

  • Warband of Orcs heading north. East to hole.

*Set up camp in dark woods at Beaver Dam.

  • Beaver DAm – water down hole.
  • Dwarf: “hiding from orcs” Isla rolls 20. “He’s bullshitting.”
  • Random monster encounter: Giant Owl looking for frogs. Must have watched that video on youtube too-hoo.
  • Isla spooks owl as she reasons they are short sighted. Owl talks.
  • Beaverdam revealed as Elf Tomb.
  • IR healed. Talks to Orc. Gets nowhere. IR not a very good negotiator/interrogator. Let’s dwarf attack Orc while others try to stop dwarf from harming prisoner. IR reasons they might as well just kill the orc. IR has “issues” with full-bloodied orcs.
  • Dwarf knocks out ORC.
  • IR is finally talked into exploring water tomb. Ties rope around waist and submerged tree as well as Bellos and Isla. Tug system for trouble.
  • In 3 or 4 goes, IR finds dead dwarf and secret entrance.
  • Near drowns and is now unconscious.



we need Bellos Character Sheet updated on here.

Brookfield Session

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